Hello everyone!

As you have been told by dear Valérie, my students in the University had their first SignWriting Exam, and I was very happy with their results.
the exam was as follows with a little change within the 6th page.

There is a text made up of three pages (1, 2 and 3)
Students had to read it and understand it by themselves, though I signed it once as it was their first contact with this kind of exams, and specailly as they had to read a language that was never written before.

Page 4, there are five questions, and students had to answer these questions related to the text, using signwriting.

Page 5 is made up of two exercices, the first is a schedule with some handshapes drawn by Steve which I used from his book, and students had to guess how to write them into SW (they had to care about three important points: a/ the handshape, b/ the orientation "black, white or half-black half-white) and c/ if the fingers were cut or not.
and the second was a mixture of 8 handshapes and their corresponding 8 SW Signs, and they had to match between them, actually this exam was a gift to them, hhhhh

In the last page, number 6, I put 24 pictures for 24 signs, and students had to choose five pictures among the 24 ones and to write them into SW.

Results! Once I scan some of my students copies, I will post them in our list!
I have two signwriting groups:

In the first group I have 20 students, and only 4 of them had 8 of twenty, and the others had 11, 12, 13, and 17 out of twenty.

In the second group, I have 19 students, only one girl had a bad mark as she never attended the class, as for the others, five of them had 20 out 20, they were amazing, I was very happy with their level in SignWriting, as for the others they had 12; 14, 16, 18 and 19.....

Here I attached the exam!!!!

Conclusion: Out of this exam, I felt the need to make a SignWriting Workbook for my students, I already made the first three lessons, and once I finish it, I will post it, and I think it will be helpful to everyone of us to use it. I am also translating a SW book into Arabic, but using Tunisian and French Signlanguage!!!!

Thank you all, and special thank to Steve and Val, as I offer this exam to dear brother Abu Sheira in Saudi Arabia!!!!