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January 5, 2013

Hello Dali -
Thank you for your questions about Punctuation.

The brackets are not used for quotation marks. The brackets are called a "Unit Connecting Line". Attached is page 168 on the textbook "Lessons in SignWriting", that explains about the brackets.

The Unit Connecting LIne used to be used, when we wrote horizontally from left to right. They show "influence" of one symbol, like a Facial Expression, on a whole phrase or sentence…They worked better for horizontal writing. When we write vertically, it is harder to use the Unit Connecting Line and it is not necessary either - so our organization here stopped using the brackets (Unit Connecting Line). But I know the Parkhursts and other linguists do use them and that is fine - They are a part of the Sutton Movement Writing system and are used in DanceWriting too…for more detailed writing and linguistic analysis…but for everyday use, we find it is better not to use them because the reader has to stop reading and look back to see what is influencing what…and it interrupts they flow of reading and is too much information for daily reading -

See attached diagram…


On Jan 5, 2013, at 9:14 AM, Dali balti wrote:

Hello brothers and sisters!!!

I am focusing for the moment on the punctuation, I can understand the whole system except for the "quotation marks" !!!!

Which system is it used now?
* the brackets?
* the bent fingers on bars?
* the parenthesis?
or any other system???

Thank you all !!!!