Hi everyone,

just a quickie here - the better term is "Latin script", not the Roman

Great stuff, Dali! I hope to introduce SW to Morocco one day.

Speak more later,


On Saturday, January 5, 2013, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> January 5, 2013
> Hello Dali and Charles -
> This a beautiful poster, Dali, and it is exciting news - Congratulations
> on this accomplishment. And please send my very best wishes to everyone at
> the new Tunisian Deaf Academy. If you would like, I can make a little video
> in English, on YouTube, saying "hello" to everyone in Tunisia….maybe
> someone can interpret what I say, for those who need it…I want them to know
> that we are happy to meet them too...
> And Charles is right that SignWriting is not the name of your language,
> but simply the "written movement alphabet" or "script" used to write
> Tunisian Sign Language, so I would suggest it to be very simple, like this:
> "Arabic, French, English and Tunisian Sign Language: Let's Live
> Together!!!!!!"
> The fact that all four languages are written languages should be assumed
> (smile ;-)
> So the name SignWriting (with a capital S and W) is the name of the script
> used to write Tunisian Sign Language, just as English and French are
> written with the Roman Alphabet…most people don't know that, so they call
> it the French Alphabet and the English Alphabet, so Tunisian Sign Language
> has its own written alphabet too…
> Anyway - I love your poster and thank you for telling us about the event -
> Val ;-)
> PS. The new SignWriting app from Germany is very well done and useful, and
> I will be telling all of you more about it soon, and also answering more of
> your technical questions, Dali…thank you for writing to me ….
> --------
> On Jan 5, 2013, at 6:35 AM, Dali balti wrote:
> Hello dear friends!!!
> We already created a new Tunisian Deaf Academy!
> The opening will be on the 18th January 2013!!!
> We will be introducing many activities, among them there will be
> signwriting, our academy for the moment is located in a Tunisian Cultural
> Club in order to make deaf people integrate into the hearing people's civil
> society.
> I will make a little club aiming at translating some documents into
> signwriting, with the help of my SW students.... I am sp happy for these
> news, the supervisor of the Tunisian Cultural Club is a hearing person, and
> she is very intrested to make this project; they have a monthly magazine
> written in Arabic and French, and for the moment, we will be introducing SW
> by writing one page every month, in order to make people learn more about
> SW.... People in Tunisia are amazed by this system... Wish our dream comes
> true!!!
> Here I attached the invitation we are sending for the opening of our
> academy on the 18th of January, the name of the event is written in four
> languages:
> Arabic, French, English and SignWriting: Let's Live together!!!!!!