Dali, I must write you and say continue to write as you do. If I can't hold up a photograph and SignWriting and have them be very close, then I can't teach the system either.

I was one of the first people taught SignWriting in the USA and I agree with the Parkhurst's. When I see some of the examples by Adam and Valerie, I simply cannot produce the signs correctly if the front and the back are not mirror images. 

Write as you feel you can best understand. 

Charles Butler
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Clear writing moves business forward.

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Subject: White color - Key handshape is not practical
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Date: Tuesday, January 1, 2013, 7:11 PM

Hello dear friends and happy new year!!!

Everyone of us knows the "key handshape"!!! in the old manuals, when this key is written with white color I find it very practical to write the thumb and the index in an opposite direction to the black, it is very obvious as you can see it with your own eyes!!!! But, in the new book made by dear Valerie and brother Adam Frost, I noticed that whatever the color was, the fingers have always the same direction and orientation!!!! I am puzzled, and I have to correct my whole signpuddle!!!! I found myself obliged to "imagine" it black if I wanted to write it white!!!! please can you consider this case!!! it is not practical at all!!!! Sorry to tell you that, but it is very puzzling, and I think that many might sense the same trouble!!!!