These discussions about spelling and about the best way to label the type of language being used are really interesting - they're teaching me more about the ways in which list members analyze both language and SignWriting. So thank you Charles and KJ for the discussion, which I hope will continue (and I hope that no one will be offended in the course of this project, as disagreements will naturally arise, but can be productive and engaging).

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OK, I agree you’re doing PSE – but the sign “pear” is still written wrong because the right had should move to the left – toward the left wrist. I have no issue with the Rub symbol (sorry if I used the wrong word), I just disagree with the arrows.

You’ve taken issue with others’ sign spelling before, I didn’t think you’d be that defensive if someone pointed out a problem with yours.



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I was working directly off of the ASL Sign Puddle. I'm glad to write it out long-hand and make the sign on ASL puddle more explicit.

Signed English would be: I picked up the pairs and put them into the bag.

I have no time markers, what I have is PSE.

Me pick pear into bag.

I just looked at the sign on the ASL sign puddle, and the sign shows "rub between" which means it stays on the hand, and does not brush off. The arrows show the direction of the rub, but the rub says that the hands remain in contact. A brush would move off.

This is a brush, it would move off in the direction of the arrow.


This is a rub, the hand remains in contact and moves in the direction of the arrow (which means the right hand is grasping the left hand and moving to the right in the direction of the arrow but it does not move off the hand.

Charles Butler
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Clear writing moves business forward.

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Nice story, Charles, but I think you misspelled “pear” – the right hand should rub the left, but your arrows show the right hand moving away from the left.

Works for me as an example of Signed English!



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SignWriting List

January 19, 2013


We got it, Charles - This is great! 


I still need to make that SignPuddle file - it is coming - 


Meanwhile wherever you save it in SignPuddle, be sure to put in the Text area, that the document is for the "Anthropology Book Project"…


Val ;-)






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I picked a bag of pears. The bag ripped. What to do? I put the pears into the bag again. I got onto a bicycle. No. No. The bears ripped the bag again. Enough. I give the pears to you.

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