Thanks for your input, Adam.

I guess I should clarify how I would write Ďpearí Ė given those handshapes,
yes, your first writing is what I was thinking. But really, if I were
writing it the way I sign it, it would look more like this:


The description Iíve heard of the sign, all my life, is that you squeeze the
pear and the juice runs down your wrist. Thatís why I thought the arrows
were going the wrong way; it just isnít a sign Iíve ever seen. (Guess I
donít talk about pears much, at least not outside of Canada!)



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I guess I should come out of the wood works for a short while to put in my
two cents. :-)


Cherie Wren, I agree that we can't honestly say that someone is wrong in
their writing without some investigation of whether it be regional
variation, individual variation, or even writing style. I have seen a lot of
sign variations partly because that is my field of study as well as it being
my native language that I live, breath, read, write, sign, analyze, and
teach everyday. I will be the first to admit, however, that even I haven't
seen every variation out there because new ones pop up all the time. Having
said that, let's have a continuation of discussing. :-)


Kelly Jo, I personally don't see anything with the arrows in the writing
that Charles chose, which was written by Natasha. I am not sure if I
understand what you are trying to say, though. You say that the arrows
should be going to the left rather than the right? Would this writing be
what you suggest?


Or are you meaning this writing?


And, Cherie, you mentioned another way of signing it. Is this close to what
you meant?


Now, if I were writing this sign myself, I would have chosen a different
palm orientation for the non-dominate hand. In fact, that is the only
difference that I would personally make to Natasha's writing in SignPuddle.
(Ok, maybe I would change the placing of some of the symbols, but it is
basically the same. GRIN)


Maybe 2Ę has gone up because of inflation? ;-)