Thanks Ingvild: 
Yes, what I'm envisioning is basically the second scenario you list below, using a short (equivalent of a paragraph) excerpt from either the Frog story (which consists of illustrations) or the Pear story (which is a video).
I've been waiting a few days to decide which option to take, as opinion seems split. 
In the meantime these spelling discussions have come up, and they are interesting.
the goal is ultimately as you describe: "writing a short passage in our local sign language, and in our personal style of writing." 
But I welcome these discussions about spelling or any other issues of interest to list members.

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Hi all,

I'm a bit confused:

This seems to turn into a discussion on how to spell certain signs in ASL.

My impression from Erica's invitation was that we were supposed to write a short passage in our local sign language, and in our personal style of writing.

Both the Pear story and the Frog story seem to ask for good Deaf storytelling - something that can be amazing, but would call for something different from what I was anticipating.

If the book project is also going to augment the amount of written stories for Deaf children, the task is huge.

If the book is to try to demonstrate and research different ways of using SW, I suggest one (or both) of the following courses:

1) A short paragraph (less than 100 English words) to be translated and written into the different SLs. The paragraph should be (almost) culture-free, and give opportunities to show use of classifiers, location etc.

2) A 'story' or scene with one or a few simple pictures that would give oporunity to use location markers, classifiers etc.

As I cannot draw, I cannot give good examples of what I mean, but my suggestions for outlines would be something like:
1) (simple drawing of boy, a school, a house,..): "Hi! My name is (fill inn from culture). I am a boy. I am deaf. I go to school over there. I learn to read and to write. My language is Sign language. I learn to read and write my own language in Sign Writing at school. I live with my family in the house over there, on the hill. Our house i red ....)

2) Frame 1: Woman walking with a small dog on a leash  Frame 2: Woman still leasurely walking the dog, scene altered  Frame 3: Woman & dog, + cat in opposite direction  Frame 4: Dog dragging chasing cat and dragging woman, who has fallen

Or even simpler:  A drawing of a room with a table, a chair, ... and a sentence to be translated, like: "Please bring me the red book that is on the table to the left of the door" , or something similar


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A Pear Story

shall we discuss how to sign FROG instead? 


Sure; I’d write it like this:




Not exactly the same as other entries in SignPuddle, but they’re all along the same lines.