Hi Valerie and friends, 


just would like to share with all of you that our delegs software team
developed the direct link to the delegs editor. Now following this link ASL
 scribes can immediately start to write their documents using the entries
of the ASL SignPuddle Dictionary.



 If you create a new entry you just have to wait for one more day and you
will have access to the new entry in the delegs editor. 

In the past is has been a little bit complicated to find the way to the
correct dictionary. This new link to ASL  or any other SL that is already
part of the delegs-dictionary colection makes it so easy to start right


Especially to support deaf students at school to develop bilingual
competence this is such a wonderful tool. Just start to type some words and
look what happens...;-) 


Feel free to ask any questions.   


All Best