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January 22, 2013

Hello Stefan and everyone -

Thank you for these great updates to the DELEGS (or Delegs) software. I think it is important to capitalize the proper name "delegs" or otherwise it looks like a regular word that is not a proper name, and I don't know what you mean…I suppose a capital D in the beginning of the term would be good enough, or placing the word "software" after it would help…Delegs software….but it is a proper name of a software product, and therefore, in English, would be capitalized at least in the beginning of the word, just like the name Valerie starts with a capital V…

Thank you for making it possible to find one's language faster…Although I do not know of any teachers here in the US translating textbooks into written ASL and wanting to write horizontally, that may happen in time, or perhaps it is happening right now and I do not know about it - Lots of people use SignWriting now and I am not aware of it - I would like to create a web article about Delegs one of these days to inform more people…

Can you add LSQ (Quebec Sign Language)? That is a request from teachers in Quebec who use SignWriting in their classroom:

Quebec Sign Language SignPuddle

Andre requested it -

Thank you so much Stefan and your team - we appreciate your work -

Val ;-)


On Jan 22, 2013, at 9:20 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi Valerie and friends,
just would like to share with all of you that our delegs software team developed the direct link to the delegs editor. Now following this link ASL – scribes can immediately start to write their documents using the entries of the ASL SignPuddle Dictionary.
 If you create a new entry you just have to wait for one more day and you will have access to the new entry in the delegs editor.
In the past is has been a little bit complicated to find the way to the correct dictionary. This new link to ASL  or any other SL that is already part of the delegs-dictionary colection makes it so easy to start right away.
Especially to support deaf students at school to develop bilingual competence this is such a wonderful tool. Just start to type some words and look what happens...;-)
Feel free to ask any questions.   
All Best