Hi Dali, 


this is interesting. I assume that you are informed about my long-lasting
commitment to sign writing. Well this discussion about how to interpret, how
to look at the symbols and how to use them within your own writing if you
are the scribe has happened several times in the past.  At times these
discussions had been pretty emotional. 


As Charles mentioned in his message – you write what you see. That is my way
as well to use the symbols. Just accept the 96 symbols of every handshape as
possible  options and vote for the one that fits best to your visual
impression.  There are only a few handshapes that are critical because of
different background. Most of the handshapes are very clear and there is no
doubt how to use them. ;-)) 


I personally follow the “thumb-rule”  - 


All the best and keep up your spirits!






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Hello dear friends!!!!


Many thanks to dear Vaerie, who spent long time explaining, teaching and
encouraging me!!!!

Thanks to dear brother Charles Butler, I am happy that you are using the
same orientation, though the others are true, too, as dear Valerie taught
me, it just depends on the way we feel it wright!!!! And, I love the one we
both use!!!


I attached the handshape, dear Stefan, sorry for not posting it, I forgot
about that!!! thank you dear!!!!