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January 2, 2013

Hello Everyone -

If our List conversations remain joyful and pleasant, and relaxed and factual, I am happy to discuss any symbol - SignWriting is my gift to the world, and just as long as the conversations are happy ones, I am glad to discuss anything...

I am unable to handle tense discussions however - If discussions get too tense - I will withdraw if they are too stressful for me...

There are many ways to write SignWriting around the world and since thousands of people are writing using SignWriting now, we have to all accept the fact that there are different ways to write signs around the world, including the hand symbols...

Some people are still writing with full stick figures in Receptive mode (Honduras), and some are using full stick figures in Expressive mode (Denmark), and some people are writing from left-to-right (DELEGS ;-), and some are writing from right-to-left (in Saudi Arabia) and here in my office, we are writing down in vertical columns (SignPuddle and SignWriter Studio) -

So there are choices and I want SignWriting to remain the flexible tool that it has always been -

The grid of 96 hand rotations and flops gives everyone choices and all of them are ok if they work for the writer and the readers - So choose from the grid of 96 as you need to...

There is a new computer program called SignWriter Studio by Jonathan Duncan from Honduras… In SignWriter Studio, you never see the full grid of 96, but are given different choices and based on those choices up pops your symbol - It is very cool because there is some keyboarding in SignWriter Studio too -different than SignWriter DOS - but typing by keyboard none the less…

SignWriter Studio Download

it is for Windows only…

Val ;-)


On Jan 2, 2013, at 10:40 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

Hi Dali,
this is interesting. I assume that you are informed about my long-lasting commitment to sign writing. Well this discussion about how to interpret, how to look at the symbols and how to use them within your own writing if you are the scribe has happened several times in the past.  At times these discussions had been pretty emotional.
As Charles mentioned in his message – you write what you see. That is my way as well to use the symbols. Just accept the 96 symbols of every handshape as possible  options and vote for the one that fits best to your visual impression.  There are only a few handshapes that are critical because of different background. Most of the handshapes are very clear and there is no doubt how to use them. ;-))
I personally follow the “thumb-rule”  -
All the best and keep up your spirits!

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Hello dear friends!!!!
Many thanks to dear Vaerie, who spent long time explaining, teaching and encouraging me!!!!
Thanks to dear brother Charles Butler, I am happy that you are using the same orientation, though the others are true, too, as dear Valerie taught me, it just depends on the way we feel it wright!!!! And, I love the one we both use!!!
I attached the handshape, dear Stefan, sorry for not posting it, I forgot about that!!! thank you dear!!!!