Hello dear friends!!!

We already created a new Tunisian Deaf Academy!
The opening will be on the 18th January 2013!!!
We will be introducing many activities, among them there will be signwriting, our academy for the moment is located in a Tunisian Cultural Club in order to make deaf people integrate into the hearing people's civil society.
I will make a little club aiming at translating some documents into signwriting, with the help of my SW students.... I am sp happy for these news, the supervisor of the Tunisian Cultural Club is a hearing person, and she is very intrested to make this project; they have a monthly magazine written in Arabic and French, and for the moment, we will be introducing SW by writing one page every month, in order to make people learn more about SW.... People in Tunisia are amazed by this system... Wish our dream comes true!!!

Here I attached the invitation we are sending for the opening of our academy on the 18th of January, the name of the event is written in four languages:
Arabic, French, English and SignWriting: Let's Live together!!!!!!