I'm here, I must've missed some messages apparently...  I don't remember writing that, must've been a long time ago.  Based on my catch up reading, and pictures of the sign, I think I was aiming for a highly emphasized version of MANY.  It would be one movement, strong hold at the beginning, then 'exploding' out to the open 5's...


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One < mean fast, so two means really fast. 

CW is Cherie Wren. My understanding is that she's around but also very busy with life. (Aren't we all to some degree? GRIN)


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The < indicate the hand opening suddenly, I thought twice. Perhaps i was misinterpreting CW's intention as whoever CW is does not seem to pipe up and say. I think I've got something wrong here.

I cannot get into SignPuddle Brazil at all today. It says that signbank.org is down.

Charles Butler
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Clear writing moves business forward.

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Hi Charles,
yes I agree – the hands look good now. On the other hand I am very surprised to read that you want the reader to understand that your intention is a “double movement”.
I saw this spelling never bevore to indicate a double movement. I would rather prefer to movement-arrows for each hand. I was wondering and thought that you focus on rocket-speed writing two dynamic symbols ..;-)
All best

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I think this is correct now. The double < on both hands indicates a double movement. Is there any way to delete the other sign in error. I thought I was an editor on SignPuddle for ASL. One cannot produce CW's original entry without error.