Hi André, Valerie and friends, ...


Thank you very much for your question. 


Editing a sign within the delegs Program


Well right now there are only very limited options to edit a given sign
within the delegs-editor program. So far you can double-click on a given
sign and a new window will open. As you see, you can delete or add the
“Mundbilder” and change the fill of the given hand shape. 

Our excellent team of software-developers is eager to expand these editing
options and in the long run we expect the program to allow to write any
changes or to start writing a new entry from scratch. So far it would be
best for you to write the sign you would like to use in your document within
the signpuddle-dictionary. The next day you will be able to use these new
entries in your documents. 

For me as a teacher this method works fine. In the afternoon and in the
evening I prepare my documents. Unfinished signs will show up as blank in
the document. I edit the signs with the signmaker in the SignPuddle-Program
– and – juchuuu -  the next day at school I can use these files perfectly
within my lessons. ;-)))   Over night all new entries had become part of the





The delegs software does not provide signmail. But it is easy to write an
email and to attach your SignWriting document written with the delegs editor
Program as a PDF  ;-) ... a nice work around!



How to look for the number of variations of a given sign? 


You are right – if there are several variations/options of a given sign the
delegs –Editor starts to show the first of all options. But it is very easy
to pick any of the given options. 


How do you do that?  Let me explain:


Well: method one – on the left side of the sign you will find a little box
with arrows up and down. Just click with the mouse on these tiny triangles
and you will be able to browse through all the given options. 

Method two: click with the mouse into the given searchword-area (just on the
word) – now the kombination of the keys “Alt” and “arrow upward”  or
“Alt” and “arrow down” will show the next option whenever you push the


Hope this instruction is clear enough. I understand that a tutorial – just
as Valerie created it for the good old SignWriter DOS Programm  years ago or
the “Sign-Text”  or “Sign-Puddle” turorials with lots of screenshots - would
be helpful! 


Do not hesitate to ask more questions. I ‘ll be happy to support you –  and
all of us take advantage out of these questions!


Have fun and success with the delegs - Program


All best 





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Hi Stefan, Val and everyone,


If I misspell a written LSQ in the Quebec dictionary,  I use the Delegs
software but i don't know how to edit it.


Stefan, would you explain to me how to edit it in Delegs?   Do the Delegs
software include SignMaker (new sign or new entry) and SignMail (Email)?
because I couldn't find them.  


There are three signs for "sourd" (deaf) in Quebec dictionary from
SignPuddle.  If I type "sourd " in the Delegs-Editor,  the Delegs's computer
only  picks up the first sign for sourd and ignores the second and third
signs  representing (sourd).   I mean that unfortunately, it seems that
Delegs does not show me the three signs standing for "sourd".  Am I right?


Best regards,



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Hi André, Valerie  and SW-list ... 


thank you for your interest in working with delegs. 


Here are my instructions: 


Make sure to start with this url in your browser 





Now you are working with the LSQ – dictionary  ;-) 


You can start immediately to write worde or numbers into the searchword


If you want to save your document you have to click on 


“Enregistrer sous....


Open the folder    “Espace public”   (The only folder with the door open for
non registered users)


Give a name to your new document and click   “Enregistrer”


Now your document is saved in this public folder and you can open it any
time all over the world ;-)) 


You find the name of your document at the bottom of each page in your


If you want to save it under a new name just openyour document and


“Enregistrer sous....”  a different name 


In order to print your document you have to convert it into a PDF-file. 


So open your document

Click on “Générer un PDF” wait for two seconds and voila a beautiful PDF of
your document will pop up. (Make sure that your browser allows pop ups from
the delegs website!!!) 

Now you can print your document without any problem. 


Hope this is clear enough. 


Valerie is the best to write tutorials with lots of screenshots to make sure
that even a beginner finds his way without too much guessing. This is
something we really should try to get on the way. 


If there are any other questions about how to work with delegs do not
hesitate to ask questions. We are more thah happy to support people all over
the world to improve literacy or Sign Language competence with our delegs –
tool. ;-) 


All best Stefan 









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Hi Stefan and everyone,


Using SignPuddle, I clicked on the "translate" button and I typed a French
phrase into the translation box from the "Quebec dictionary". I save it into
"Quebec Literature". I typed a new name for the document (for example,
Airport). I clicked on the "Column Maker" button.  But  I was not able to
print it.  I must copy it and paste it into a Microsoft Word document or a
PDF document. Then, I was able to print it.


Using a Delegs-Editor, I clicked on the "new" button. I chose "LSQ" and
clicked on it.  I typed a French phrase. Then, i clicked on the "Save "
button.  But, I couldn't type a new name for the document (for example,
Airport) and  I couldn't print it either.  


Stefan, I have a question. Would you explain to me how to save the document
under a new name and how to print it?


Best regards,




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Hi Valerie and friends, 


just would like to share with all of you that ourdelegs software team
developed the direct link to the delegs editor. Now followingthis link ASL –
scribes can immediately start to write theirdocuments using the entries of
the ASL SignPuddle Dictionary.





 If you create a new entry you just have to wait for one more day and you
will have access to the new entry in the delegs editor. 

In the past is has been a little bit complicated to find the way to the
correct dictionary. This new link to ASL  or any other SL that is already
part of the delegs-dictionary colection makes it so easy tostart right away.


Especially to support deaf students at school to develop bilingual
competence this is such a wonderful tool. Just start to type some words and
look what happens...;-) 


Feel free to ask any questions.   


All Best