Last week we launched the new site of 'Libras Escrita' and 2nd edition of "Libras em jogo."

Now the site is fully accessible in Libras via signaling in video and SignWriting, with testimony from students and readers, photos of launches, workshops and courses of SignWriting, plus some videos related to the work of Libras Escrita or deaf Brazilian communities.

The "Libras em Jogo" is a card game composed by 111 handshapes of Libras. The game contains an Bilingual instruction manual (Portuguese/ Libras) using SignWriting. Both the manual and the box of the game, all information is available in SignWriting.

These actions are aimed at the diffusion of SignWriting in Brazil with innovation, promoting access in Libras.

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The photos below are banner to publicize the site and the game on Facebook:

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Best regards,

Madson and Raquel Barreto