Dear Val,
dear members of the list

with "SignEcriture Association" (asociation SignEcriture, from french speaking part of Switzerland) we developped a few games using SW ...
lats in time is called "SignSpeed" . This game is inspired from a game called JUNGLE SPEED, but using SW configurations

you'll find  the rules of this game below (in french and english)
here is the link to the different pages of the game... (as it is right now...) can be changed! (waiting for your feed back)

I would be happy to get fee-back from the list members about this game.
Except rules (which would have to be written in different languages....) this game could be use internationnaly
It could be used in classes with children or during signwriting courses..... as an exercice...

I printed my own, cut the cards, and plastified it (so that cards keep nice....)
but this is quite a BIG job and need lots of time to product just one....

we could place it for free download on but... it will still be lots of work for anyone interested in printing this game, cutting the cards, .... 
I tried to find a solution to print the game .... but depending on how many one wants to print.... it's pretty expensive
If any of you have ideas and solutions about editing this game, it would be nice (if lots of people would be interested.... we could print a large number and get the game for a lower cost)

Let me know what you think 


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