Hi Val,
they are in the Italian Puddle :-) you can move them if you want :-)

2013/3/29 Valerie Sutton <[log in to unmask]>
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March 29, 2013

Hello Claudia, Kelly Jo, Ingvild, Charles, Stefan, Adam and everyone -

All these signs are wonderful - thank you!

I hope if you write more, that you can write them directly in this SignPuddle file online:

International Sign Dictionary Online

I am not sure where you wrote your signs, Claudia and Kelly Jo - Perhaps with the PersonalPuddle? And that is fine…but if they are in a public puddle please tell us, so we can transfer them to the International Dictionary Online faster -

No matter what, keep sending names of cities and states and countries - These signs should all be internationally used, and it is a great database to have -

Val ;-)


On Mar 29, 2013, at 6:33 AM, Claudia S. Bianchini <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Ups... I've done a mistake in Paris...

2013/3/29 Claudia S. Bianchini <[log in to unmask]>
Hello... here are my cities:
Rome: where I was born
Perugia: where was my university
Modena: where I live when I'm not working
Paris: where I've done my PhD
Poitiers: where I work at university

2013/3/29 KJ Boal <[log in to unmask]>

I have a few here:

Red Deer (where I currently live):


Which is in the province of Alberta:



Edmonton, the capital of my province and the city where I was born:


Leduc, where I really grew up; the city is near an international airport, so the sign looks like an airplane taking off:


Calgary, the other major city in my province, technically has two possible signs. This is the old one, which isn’t used any more – and there’s a story behind that!

This sign refers to spurs on cowboy boots, because Calgary’s biggest claim to fame is the internationally-renowned rodeo called the Calgary Stampede. However, Edmonton and Calgary have a MAJOR rivalry – if you’re from one city, you’re expected to hate everything about the other!  In the spirit of that rivalry, the Edmontonian Deaf began joking that the sign was really related to the sign for “garbage” and the Calgary was “garbage”. The Calgarian Deaf, offended, decided to change the sign.


This is what they changed it to:


Personally, I’m sorry they changed it! The original sign had more character, in my opinion. But I don’t subscribe to the rivalry between the cities . . . much. (smile) Anyway, hope that’s not too many signs all at once!




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Subject: Signs for Cities and States - can you write the name of YOUR city and post to the List?


SignWriting List

March 27, 2013


Dear SW List:

Recently a Deaf guest from Ireland, Shane Gilchrist, visited us here in La Jolla, and suddenly there were Deaf friends visiting in my home, from all over San Diego!


It was a lot of fun for me in particular, because I have been a bit isolated here - 


I learned a few signs that were new to me. One of them is the name of the city where I live, La Jolla, California.


The sign for La Jolla is similar to the sign for California, except the hand stays in one place while shaking… I just wrote it in the ASL SignPuddle Dictionary:






What is the sign for YOUR city?




Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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Claudia S. Bianchini, PhD
A.T.E.R. Licence SDL-LSF @ Univ. Poitiers (France)

Claudia S. Bianchini, PhD
A.T.E.R. Licence SDL-LSF @ Univ. Poitiers (France)

Claudia S. Bianchini, PhD
A.T.E.R. Licence SDL-LSF @ Univ. Poitiers (France)
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