I do believe you Maria, and everyone else who has made ANY claim on other systems other than HamNoSys that claim to be "writing systems for ASL," Only SW can claim a history of more than 40 years in more than 40 countries. The si5S system is patently FALSE and his master's thesis should be rejected on incomplete research.

Charles Butler
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Clear writing moves business forward.

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Date: Monday, March 4, 2013, 6:56 AM

I can't believe the claims being made about si5s on the website

http://www.si5s.org/  i think it is very unfair and untrue to say this:

"si5s is the first comprehensive writing system for ASL."
There are documents in SignWriting since the 1970s! and si5s was developed
in 2003.

I really need to locate and read Arnold's MA thesis from Galluadet univ.
can anyone help me get hold of this work? It's called "A Proposal For A
Written System of ASL"

thank you!

> Hmmm, I wonder what would be the best way to do that...
> I need to get back in touch with the James and Judy! They are the ones who
> introduced me to SW :)
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>> SignWriting List
>> March 2, 2013
>> Yes, the Kegls are actively using SignWriting to continue to write
>> Nicaraguan Sign Language literature - I was just in communication with
>> James Shepard-Kegl and others the other day, about software etc…
>> There are quite a number of documents in SignPuddle for Nicaragua, plus
>> there are around 40 PDFs of literature…on every subject...
>> http://www.signbank.org/signpuddle/index3.html#sgn-NI
>> I need to document all their documents! Maybe you can help me with this
>> Erika - I need a better system for storing everyone's documents online
>> in a place that everyone can upload to themselves…so they don't have to
>> wait for me to do the web site work - I love that kind of work, so it is
>> no problem and I am happy to do it, exceptpt that I am so slow these
>> days -
>> Val ;-)
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>>> Just had the conference dinner which included a really nice
>>> conversation about SW - Anne Senghas was recalling having used it in
>>> Judy Kegl's lab and it was fun to hear about how different it was back
>>> then.
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>>> wrote:
>>>> SignWriting List
>>>> March 2, 2013
>>>> Actually I am surprised how many pencil strokes there are in SI5S…if
>>>> their goal is to write less, like a shorthand, this is actually quite
>>>> detailed and takes some time to write by hand (see attached diagram):
>>>> This is SI5S:
>>>> <SI5S.png>