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March 5, 2013

Hello Edi!
Thank you for posting this message, and thank you for the attached PDF file, which is really great …I like the opening page, with the design of SignWriting mixed in with the artwork… I hope to create a section on the SignWriting Site for Slovenia and I will include that art work, your newsletter and other information about your work...

To answer your question below…

1. SignWriter Studio….Thank you for opening SignWriter Studio 1.0 ( … It is a new program developed by Jonathan Duncan. We appreciate your feedback. I will tell Jonathan what you said below…that you need Slovenian Sign Language to be included, and you need the Document module - When SignWriter Studio is further developed, we will inform the List. 

Meanwhile, let's use SignPuddle Online…I am impressed with your many dictionary entries in SignPuddle (

2. In SignPuddle, I will create a Literature and Encyclopedia Puddle for you. I also need to create a directory for Slovenia so you can go to all your files on SignPuddle in one web area…

3. You ask if you can insert pictures inside a SignText document created with SignPuddle? It can be done, in one way, but I need to prepare some instructions for you, and to explain how you can coordinate with other software - I will do that now in a separate document and then post it to the List - so look for my email on instruction for document creation - I will also create  your new Literature puddle etc...

So I will write again… Thank you for your patience -

Val ;-)


On Mar 4, 2013, at 12:55 AM, Edi Strouhal <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello Mrs. Valerie, I´m glad to contact with You. I´m sorry I don´t answer
> to You immediately. Last monts You wrote to me how can I practise to write
> in Sign Writing. I downoloaded a program you have advice me (SignWriter
> Studio 1.0), but I have a problem. First: In this program unfortunately in
> SignWriter Studio Option - Sign language I can not find Slovenian Sign
> Language (initial Letters with Slo... shows only Slovakian sign languge) so,
> it seems to me I can not use this program for our language or I don´t use
> this program corectly. Second problem: in Main menu - Module I can find only
> Dictionary module (there are no Document module no SignList module).

> Yes, as
> You have adviced me, it´s more easily for me to use a net writer on Sign
> Puddle. It interested to me, can I in net writer sign text insert some
> pictures from my or other documents, so that lines with Sign text can be
> transformed dependly of widths of pictures or text must be written just with
> signs? You know, in my mind I have a logic of Words program and others
> programs in which one may insert diferent pictures that the text was more
> interesting for learning. In Slovenian Sign Puddle I miss a "column" to copy
> my written text. For now I copy Slovenian Sign text on Slovenian
> ditictionary. It seems to me, that it´s not estetic. Maybe it will be right
> also in Slovenian Sign Puddle to insert a column with name Literature. I see
> some languges have named column as Dictionary, Literature, ... on his own
> language. I ask You, can we also in Slovenian get translation for this
> column: Dictionary (English) - Slovar (Slovenian) and Literature (English) -
> Besedila (Slovenian). I look for your help and your advice! Thank You very
> much! in attachments I send You our second number of our magazine
> Prisliuhnite nam! (Listen to us!) in which we write some text also in Sign
> Writting and some words about Slovenian Sign Puddle. Greetings from Edi
> Strouhal (Slovenia).