SignWriting List
March 18, 2013

March 10-16, 2013, we were blessed with a visit from Deaf linguist Shane Gilchrist, from Europe - Thank you for visiting us in La Jolla, California, Shane! This photo is Shane and linguist and teacher Adam Frost, standing in front of a whiteboard that Adam wrote in SignWriting Handwriting:

Below I am with Shane - I have a hat on, but I can never be as tall as Shane!! It was so much fun to talk about so many things last week - we miss the excitement now that Shane is in San Francisco!

Below: This photo is me with Deaf linguist and teacher Thierry Haesenne, from French-Belgium. Thierry and his co-workers are teaching SignWriting in the school system in French-Belgium, so I was really excited and surprised when I learned that Thierry was also in the San Diego area last week, and Thierry visited on March 12th - So happy to meet you Thierry and I look forward to working with you and Bruno Sonnemans more in the future…