On 4/16/13 8:40 AM, Marquita Formosa wrote:
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Written Sign - http://www.signbank.org/signpuddle2.0/glyphogram.php?

I really appreciate if someone would be able to confirm that I am on the right 
track or not if possible please.
Hi Marquita,

Those are the right signs, but you will need the Formal SignWriting (FSW) for the plugin.  The ASCII string you see above is an alternate encoding.  The smaller case "n" is not used in Formal SignWriting.

Until I upgrade SignPuddle Online to use the plugin, you need to use the FSW link under the sign entry in SignPuddle.


The line in the middle "Sign data: FSW or CSW" is the one you want.  The FSW you get is:

The name of this sign has 2 parts: a one dimensional order of time and a 2 dimensional order of space.

AS1d410S20e00S26a06S30006 and M556x524S30006482x482S20e00513x511S26a06542x497S1d410515x486

The plugin currently ignores the prefix and just transforms the 2 dimensional image.  The SignWriting can be used in 3 different lanes:
L - Left
M - Middle
R - Right

You can change the name of a sign to put it in a different lane.

This will eventually be hidden from the user, but until then...