I guess you understood me right. Basically in my demo I need 3 things:

1. Sentence written in English
2. Video showing an interpreter signing the sentence in ASL
3. And if I can manage I would also write the equivalent in ASL signwriting.

This demo needs to be ready preferably in the following few weeks so that 
following that I can describe my methodology and finalise my project by the 
coming June.

Both the sign puddle and the web plugins seem extra interesting. I need to talk 
to my thesis supervisor which would be the best idea for my project but to be 
honest I need more information on the web plugins before I decide since if they 
can be fully implemented in a website (html) I will be able to prepare the demo 
in the form of a website. They will for sure help me to create a small prototype 
which in my area (Software Development) will be an asset for sure.

May I ask if the web plugins are ready to be used?

Thanks in advance