Thanks a lot Valerie,

SO if I understood you right .. The following sentence should be different when 

May I ask you to check whether I am on the right track please? So that I will 
be able to use the writing in my demo please?

Second Sentence

    Who is there? SHOULD BE ... Who there?

Third Sentence

    Do you love me? SHOULD BE ... You love me?

Fourth Sentence

    He lives in America SHOULD BE ... He live America

Fifth Sentence

    Today the weather is sunny SHOULD BE ... Today weather sunny

Sixth Sentence

    What is your name? SHOULD BE ... What your name?

Seventh Sentence

    My eyes are brown. Should BE ... My eyes brown

Eighth Sentence 

    Where is my Dictionary SHOULD BE ... Where my dictionary?

Ninth Sentence

    You are young SHOULD BE ... You young

Tenth Sentence

    The kid is playing SHOULD BE ... Kid playing

Thanks in advance for your time and with regards to the period I did type the 
word period but I do not know why the only line which appeared as an option 
was the one I did in it.

Thanks a lot for the correction.