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April 14, 2013

Here are some rarely used Mouth Movement Symbols…the hard part is finding them in the ISWA 2010 - that is my fault - they were put in, at the last moment, when there was a rush for me to finish the ISWA 2010 because of software deadlines, and suddenly realized we needed some of these tiny arrows as separate symbols so we could apply them to rare cases like these…I am glad I was able to find a place for them somewhere in the ISWA 2010, but they are not placed in the right places for you to fine them, and also to be correct for ID purposes…but there is nothing we can do about that right now…so instead I will show you where to find these rare symbols - but at least they are there and they create these unusual mouth movements -

Reading the numbers in the diagram attached:

1. Lips Open-Close once - it is a medium size opening of the lips - if you want the opening longer you need to length the arrow stems which is kind of hard with such tiny arrows ;-)

2. Opening and closing of the lips three times, with the emphasis on the down - like Close-Close-Close

3. These are trembling or vibrating lips that open and close so small and so fast - that it is like a trill of the fingers -

4. this is one very very tiny opening and closing of the lips

Next message I will explain where to find these tiny arrows, that are separate from other Facial symbols, but are located under Faces in different places - oftentimes in places where one would not expect…

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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Valerie Sutton
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