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April 22, 2013

Hello Andre!
Thank you for this question. We cannot upload videos directly onto our SignPuddle server, because we do not have the server space…but…you CAN have videos in SignPuddle…you simply need to do it another way…

Here is how...

1. Please create a YouTube account, and upload your video to YouTube.
2. Then, once it is on YouTube, find the "Embed" code. 
3. Copy the Embed Code
4. open your SignPuddle file, and click on the button "Write Words" under the sign (ecrire les mot)
5. paste the Embed Code into the area called "VideoMarkup"…

Then push the Update button and your video appears in your SignPuddle file -

Try it and write again to tell us how it goes -

Val ;-)


On Apr 22, 2013, at 12:40 PM, André Thibeault <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi Val and everyone,

I used a video from a Photo Booth (not YouTube).  A Deaf friend  tried to install it in the "mettre des images/vidéos" button.  But,  he did not succeed.

Here are the  instructions: 
  1. Go to Quebec SignPuddle.
  2. Click on  sighted dictionnaire (dictionary).
  3. Click on "chercher par les mots" button. (Search by words)
  4. Write "arbre "(tree).
  5. Click on the "mettre des images/vidéos" button.
  6. Click on parcourir.
  7. Find "arbre "(video)
  8. It did not work.
Val,  would you be so kind as to explain to me how to install a video  in the dictionary Quebec SignPuddle?

Best regards,