Hi Asmaa Shaban,

     This is a rough outline as to how you might go about doing this.

For each word in typed into your program, read through the Egyptian XML 
file from the SignPuddle and find a matching entry.
For each matching entry get the FSW from the entry, parse it and create 
the objects that represent that sign. In the code I will send you 
SPMLConverter.ImportSPML does this.

Pass the objects to your renderer which will read the need symbols from 
the database and compose them into a sign. DrawSWDrawing is the function 
that does this

I will send you some code privately which can do some of these steps but 
you will have to adapt it to your program. It is licensed under the MIT 
Open Source license

If you need to convert from VB.Net to C# you can use it get most 
things but you may have to fix some bits by hand.

Feel free to ask any questions,  I will be away for a few days but will 
get back to as soon as I can.


On 5/8/2013 8:21 PM, Asmaa Shaban wrote:
> Greeting Dr Jonathan Duncan ,
> Yes  Dr Jonathan I  already will make a wep application (ASP.Net)for 
> Arabic signwriting as you told Dr  Jonathan (type in Arabic Text and 
> get Arabic sign language)  .
>  C# is the most programming language I familiar with as i made most my 
> projects with C# (wep app. & windows app.)
> I already thanks  Dr Stephen as he sent me how to generate SVG from 
> FSW using PHP tool , but I do not know more about PHP.
> I already try 
> Dr 
> Jonathan ,but there is no result?
>  Thanks Much in Advance .
> Asmaa Shaban.


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