that looks like the fingers should be moving down one at a time, like a flutter more than a trmble...  maybe a shake symbol would work better?  the 'jello' hand is doing a stationary shake...

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Sent: Monday, May 6, 2013 10:29 PM
Subject: How do I write a tremble

Years ago, a tremble was easy to write, you simply put a squiggly line around the shoulders, the head, or other thing which was trembling.

Here is a sign I have run across in a video which I don't know how to write with the current ISWA.

The upper hand in a rose-petal shape presses on the lower hand and trembles. It's the sign for "gelatin" or "jello". I chose what looked like the old "tremble" shape but I don't think I chose right.

The upper hand does not turn over, it wiggles against the lower hand. The wrist may move in a tiny circle, but it's not clear what it does to me.

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