Nice work Steve,
     I really like the Query the part about the query strings.  I think that can become handy for many programmers thank you for sharing!!
Nice to see everything coming together.

On 6/27/2013 6:45 PM, Stephen E Slevinski Jr wrote:
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I continue to work on SignPuddle development.  Building up the pieces one at a time and connecting them together, layer upon layer.  I've had some tremendous success with the database and with API access.  I'd like to share my latest achievements.  I apologize that the details are technical.  Eventually, these details will be covered up by easy to use graphical interfaces.

Today, I release a new version of the SignWriting Icon Server.  It includes a shiny new API: application programming interface.  An API allows others to access our data with modern web technologies.  I currently only have the English/ASL dictionary loaded from SignPuddle.  I am still working on the database and I will load additional puddles in the near future.

So what can the API do?  A user requests data and the API returns the results.

If you visit you can try it yourself.  The top of the page has a rudimentary front end that allows you to access the API.

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The first input box allows you to search by spoken language.  If we search for "hello", we will see the following results.

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The second input box allows you to search by sign language using Formal SignWriting or a query string.  If you have a sign encoded with FSW that you found online, you can process that sign with the API.  Let's consider the following FSW string: AS18701S1870aS2e734S20500M518x533S1870a489x515S18701482x490S20500508x496S2e734500x468

Visualize will show the sign image.
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Query will search the database for similar signs.
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Reverse will search for spoken language equivalents for similar signs.

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The query strings are very powerful, but esoteric.  A graphical interface will help, but for now, here is a quick example.  Using the ISWA HTML Reference ( ), we determine that we are interested in signs with a particular hand shape (S115)  and the single contact (S205).  These keys need a specific fill and rotation, such as S115 with fill 0 and rotation 0 for key S11500 or we can leave the fill and rotation unspecified such as S115uu.
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The first query string we'll use is QS11500S20500

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The second query string will leave the fill and rotation unspecified for the hand shape with query string QS115uuS20500

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So just a quick taste of things to come.  Thanks for hanging in there with the technical details.  Query strings are detailed in Modern SignWriting, section 9:

Questions or comments are welcome.


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