Hi Milad,

FSW is Formal SignWriting. It is a regular string built for display, 
searching and sorting.

On 6/20/13 1:25 PM, Milad Vafaeifard wrote:
> Let me tell you example:
> in a sign "Water" :
> AS18610S20600S30004M534x548S20600512x512S30004482x482S18610492x518
There are 2 parts to this string. The first part is the ordered prefix 
for sorting, which is optional.


> A what is it for?
The "A" denotes the start of the ordered prefix. A list of ordered 
symbols follows the "A". Sorting uses regular binary string comparison. 
Any normal sort routine will work.

The second part of the string is the unordered detail for display.


The start of the string is "M", which stands for the middle lane. The 
other possible values are "L" for left and "R" for right.

The symbols are positioned in 2 dimensional space with x,y values. The 
numbers are separated by the letter 'x'. The coordinate space is 
centered on the coordinate 500,500.

The first coordinate after the 'M' is the maximum coordinate of the 
canvas (534x548) which is the bottom right.

Next comes the unordered symbols with coordinates for top-left positioning.

> S20600 512x512 S30004 482x482 S18610 492x518
Symbol S20600 is positioned at 512,512
Symbol S30004 is positioned at 482,482
Symbol S18610 is positioned at 492,518

The minimum coordinate of the canvas is derived from the symbol 
positions: 482,482. In this case, the values come from the same symbol, 
but this is not always the case.

So the top-left of the canvas is coordinate (482,482). The bottom-right 
of the canvas is (534,548). The center of the canvas is 500,500 by default.

So the canvas has a width of 534-482 = 52. And the canvas has a height 
of 548-482=66.

Hope that helps,