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June 11, 2013

Marquita Formosa <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> May I please ask when was the signbank website first published please?
> I need this to reference the website since I took the signwriting symbols from 
> there for my artefact.
> Thanks in Advance
> Marquita


Hello Marquita!
You used SignPuddle Online to write your signs. SignPuddle is developed by Steve Slevinski, and is located on the SignBank web site. SignBank is actually the name of another software that is different…you used SignPuddle Online on the SignBank web site...

Go to this link:

SignBank Site Credits

If you looked on that page before you may need to refresh your web browser.

When you go there, scroll down, and you will find this history of the software you used…

SignPuddle Dictionaries and other SignPuddle features offered on this site, including the SignText Editor Program, are designed and programmed by Stephen Slevinski, stemming from his original web site called PUDL (Pittsburgh United for Deaf Literacy) that was on the web as a separate site from 2003-2004. In August, 2004, the PUDL features became an active part of The SignPuddle Online Dictionary offers new features for SignWriting users, including the ability to write sentences in SignWriting in vertical columns directly on the web, translate from English gloss to SignWriting, create new signs by pointing and clicking on the web, sending email in SignWriting, and visitors can even upload their own signs and place them in the public SignPuddle dictionary. For more information about SignPuddle, write to SignPuddle webmaster:

Stephen Slevinski
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