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June 24, 2013

Hello Maria, Steve, Adam and Erika -

So much help - It is wonderful. Thank you Steve for posting the photos of all those hand symbols, as pngs - very nice to have those in the HTML Reference Guide…

and yes…screen captures, as Erika suggested, is also a good idea..

and Adam's suggestion, to go to:

to download the photos is exactly where I would go, but all the photos are in the original .PSD format, which is the Photoshop format. If you own Photoshop, Maria, then those are the best quality.

But there is one more possibility. If you own Acrobat Professional X program, which I highly recommend to everyone as worth the price - I love that program - it gives you all kinds of features to work with PDFs…

In the Acrobat Professional program, open our Hand Symbols book in the PDF, and go to Save As…and save it as and Image….JPEGs - every page converts to a graphic…and then you can cut the jpeg to the symbol you want -

You can also save it as a MicroSoft Word document, a spreadsheet, and under More Options you can save as XML, RTF, TXT and so forth…so PDFs are now quite editable if you have the right tools…

Val ;-)