Hi Valerie and everyone,

Is with great joy that I share with you that
next week we will start a course online SignWriting
named "Escrita de Sinais 2.0"

In this first phase, the course will only hearing, but within
few months we will prepare the course for the deaf too.

The course has a workload of 70 hours/ class and is organized in
five modules. The lessons will be on video. This course will teach the SignWriting
step by step. Students will practice activities for reading and writing.
Also be invited to participate in the SW List and contribute to this great
user community SignWriting ...

In the course students will also have discussion forums and communities to take questions,
interact, make friends and share knowledge about SignWriting
and its applications in several areas...

We will also have a module on SignPuddle bonuses, and their numerous
applications for day to day and also for literary publications, etc..

In the process of registration for the course, students emphasize
the numerous benefits that SignWriting offers for deaf and hearing,
being a great resource for the storage of new signs, building glossaries
in Libras for use: personal, professional or research, and many
other applications. It will be an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Libras too...

The course will go through various linguistics topics
of Libras, providing participants a deepening even more on their studies and thus,
growth in their learning, work performance, academic, social, etc..

The course also apply recent research results of
cognitive neurosciences, which will facilitate the study and will
much to the development of fluency in Libras and other areas too.

The objective of the course is to spread further SignWriting in Brazil
and train people who will be able to apply this knowledge in their day to day
personal or professional and also pass on this knowledge to others as

To run the course will use various technologies that enable the
students learn the SignWriting for reading and writing on paper and on the computer.

It will be a fantastic course!

Once again thank you to Valerie for the support and everyone for the knowledge shared ...

See some photos of the learning platform.

Imagem inline 3

Imagem inline 2

Imagem inline 1

Imagem inline 1

Best regards,
Madson and Raquel Barreto