trying once again and this will be the last time if it fails to show up again!      
sorry about this..could you dear ASL signers please read the question in the first email sent
thanks a lot!

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the second ASL sign is this: see above (because its not showing up in my sent folder- thanks again)

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Dear friends,
I located these two signs from the ASL Literatuer Puddle

I'm sorry i have no idea what these signs mean, since I don't sign ASL - however from context I kinda assume the first means READ the second something like KNOWN-AS-IN-ENGLISH /QUOTE- however my question doesn't concern their meaning as such. My question is this:
Can these two signs still be read if you change the handshape to thjs handshape instead:   (naturally with the rotation needed for the first sign)

Really appreciate your feedback!

THANK you!! :)