I can see the pictures fine, and yes, you could substitute the square base, it would be closer to how I sign it, personally; hand more like a fist than like an open circle.


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Sent: Saturday, June 8, 2013 10:22 PM
Subject: Question for ASL SignWriters..

Dear friends,
I located these two signs from the ASL Literatuer Puddle

I'm sorry i have no idea what these signs mean, since I don't sign ASL - however from context I kinda assume the first means READ the second something like KNOWN-AS-IN-ENGLISH /QUOTE- however my question doesn't concern their meaning as such. My question is this:
Can these two signs still be read if you change the handshape to thjs handshape instead:   (naturally with the rotation needed for the first sign)

Really appreciate your feedback!

THANK you!! :)