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June 19, 2013

Hello everyone on the SignWriting List -

Thank you, Adam, for the message below about the two ASL Bible files in SignPuddle Online.

And a special thank you to Nancy Romero for writing so many books of the Bible, and to Ron Dettloff and his team at the Deaf Shores Church in Michigan who are also writing from ASL videos, and to Steve Slevinski, for helping us split the one large file into two files, and to Adam Frost for always helping me with every detail!

I love the title of your message, Adam - "The Puddle that became an Ocean" - what a lovely poetic way to explain that the truly historic and amazing ASL translations of the Bible, written in the SignWriting Script, by Nancy Romero and also Ron Dettloff's church members, has grown to such a large SignPuddle file, that the file had to be split into two files.

To find the two files, I have expanded the SignPuddle directory area on the web, in the ASL directory, to include icons for the two ASL Bible files. Here is a screen shot of the ASL directory. You may have to refresh your browser if you have visited recently:

ASL SignPuddle Directory


On Jun 19, 2013, at 7:58 AM, Adam Frost <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Several of us (both on and off this list including Valerie, Steve, Nancy Romero, and myself) have been working hard to face an issue of a SignPuddle that became an ocean. I am referring to the ASL Bible in SignPuddle. The Puddle had to be split into two in order to handle to size in a more manageable way. At the moment they are as followed:

ASL Bible Dictionary

ASL Bible

I know that there are still several background issues that I hope will be solved in time, but I hope that to the everyday person just reading these files won't experience too many problems.