Hi André and friends of the sw-list,


Thank you very much for this question.


Well – your printout is not what we do have in mind.


What is to be done to get wonderfull printouts?


Step 1: Write your document –

Step 2: Create a PDF  (push the button: “Générer un PDF”  at the top)

Step 3: Print and / or Download your PDF - just as you do with other PDF documents


If you save your document before there is the advantage that this “name of the document” shows up at the bottom line of the document ;-)


I rewrote your document and attach a screenshot and the PDF ...


Feel free to ask more questions. All I can tell you is that every teacher for deaf students can be lucky to use this powerfull and exremely effective tool to improve literacy for their deaf students...


In my class we work every day every (!!!) lesson – no matter what – with this combination of delegs-documents and other options...


Have a wonderfull day


All Best




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Hi Stefan and everyone,


Using a Delegs program, a Deaf student played with and wrote several words and then printed a document.  You will find an attached document (SCAN 0001 jpg).  Look at the page.  At the top, this page shows features (new, save as, create PDF, signwriting line, search word line, and free text line). You will notice that some SignWriting symbols and some words are missing on the right side of this page. 


Stefan, I have a question for you:  Is your printed document similar to this page?


Best regards,