Hi there,
I'm just trying to make sure that I'm up to date on the SignWriting and Wikipedia project. Without going into excessive detail (as my work isn't about the technicalities), could i just check that this information is still correct ..

1) Is Adam Frost still  the ASL editor of the SignWriting Wiki?

2) Is this wiki http://www.signbank.org/wiki/  the only known wiki available for a sign language written in Signwriting?

3) Can I still stay that its early stages of being a test/proof concept site (Frost, personal communication, June 2012) - or have things developed since then?

4) Is the information I'm reading about here (and written by Steve Slevinski)  http://signpuddle.net/download/draft-slevinski-signwriting-text-00.html#signwriting_script  up-to-date?

Thank you very much for helping me out!!