Hi Charles,

As Valerie said, SignPuddle 3 development will fix this problem.

I have the initial MySQL database complete.  A preview can be seen on 
any of the SignWriting Icon Servers.

Enter your English search term in the "spoken language" field.

Press "Find Signs" to view the ASL search results.
Any search of "hello" or "HELLO" or "Hello" will work properly.

An additional improvement deals with accented characters.  If you are 
searching the Libras/Portuguese languages for "abraço", but you can not 
type the "ç", you could replace it with the wildcard "%" and search for 
"abra%o" instead.

Press "Find Signs" to see the search results.


These new developments will be available in the near future.  I 
appreciate all of the pioneers who have leveraged SignPuddle Online to 
create amazing works. I very excited for the rest of this year.