At first, I was beginning to think the gap meant that the thumb was beyond the heel of the hand.  But then I realized that the thumb is so close to the heel that it could be thought of as on the same plane.   Now if I was showing fingers bending down in the heel view, they would be beyond the heel and a gap would seem to be natural there.  It's a common practice in art and drafting to leave such a gap when indicating something is beyond.  

Of course, that begs the standard - for if we show the thumb not gapped and the fingers gapped, is that better than setting a rule that all lines representing digits (fingers and thumb) when in the heel view need to have a gap?


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Of course ... but we look from behind towards the wall plane.  ;-))


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it's still parallel to the floor



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Hi all,

I cannot follow the symbols in the second line ( flat hand with thumb) either...


It does not make sense to me to show the gap of the thumb if I am not looking from Top View ...


All best





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Hi Val and Adam,
    I also have a question about the "Heel of Hand or Top View" where we can use either handshape.  Are these only interchangeable when parallel to the Floor Plane and pointing straight forward?  And only for flat hands or fist, or specifically just for the ones listed in chapter 11?




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