Thank you Adam, for showing how all these symbols relate from the heal 
view to the top views in different positions and listing all of the 
heals hands for for me.  This is exactly what I was looking for.

It will be interesting to program because two different heal views refer 
to the same top view symbol and another two heal view symbols to another 
top view symbol.  It's my personal opinion that there should be 4 palm 
facings in each plane and I understand that the fourth for most symbols 
looks like the other one and was removed when simplifying the symbols 
some years back.  If someday we do add a fourth one we should make it 
look a little different from the other one so we can tell them apart.  
But I haven't a clue what in what way it would be different.

Thanks for your help.

On 9/20/2013 4:21 PM, Adam Frost wrote:
> Below is a list of the 5 hand's heel view palm facings that relate to 
> the 5 hand symbol.
> There are only 7 heel of hands in the current ISWA 2010. Here they are 
> with their respected hand symbols.
> I didn't go through all of the palm facings as it is the same as the 
> list at the top. It should be noted that there are possibilities that 
> people will write the between rotations of the heel of hand as either 
> facings they are between, since you are looking to make searching for 
> writings of the same sign with different symbols. ;-)
> Adam
> PS Val and I were talking about saying that there is the front view, 
> the top view, and then a heel view because it isn't really only the 
> top view or the front view but a view of its own that has a feel of 
> both views in how they are written.


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