SignWriting List
September 11, 2013

Dear SignWriting List Members -

I am sure you all know that SignWriting is free to use, and so are the images on our web sites. It always has been free to use. But the internet is a strange place sometimes and some people got worried that maybe SignWriting was not free to use…Apparently I needed to state it very clearly on our web sites.

Gerard is a good friend who has helped me place a statement on our web sites, stating that our images are under the "Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 3.0 License" … …  or …

All this means is that they are free to use….But it states it in legal talk, on the web… (big smile ;-)

I never realized I needed such a statement, but I am glad to understand how other web sites do things, so I have now placed this Creative Commons statement at the bottom of on the front page. I am hoping this will help ;-)

And I plan to place it on our other web sites too...

Gerard blogged about it on his blog today - Thank you, Gerard!

So what stuff do we have on the web?

1. Write sign languages in SignPuddle Online, completely free.

2. Free versions of our textbooks, literature and software are always available for download … and and … books in PDF with thousands of pages of reading ...

3. We also provide learning materials such as PowerPoint Presentations, videos, and games for download .. etc...

4. Information about research, papers, theses and dissertations related to SignWriting, DanceWriting and MovementWriting … and and (a more detailed listing is coming)

Our web sites include,,,,,, and now two new web sites: and Yours to enjoy.

Val ;-)