1. Some people say "why do they not use English".. How different is a sign language from a spoken language?

Why write ASL? Why not English? 

Why grammar, thought, brain. ASL learning process is not the same. 

2. How do you explain what it means when a language cannot be written.

Writing sends language to people who are not present. Preserves history, transmits to the future. 

 3. SignWriting is a script. How many languages are written in SignWriting? 

Now writing many languages. 40 and continuing. 

 4. Can you recognise what sign language it is from a written text? Yes, I can. From style, grammar, vocabulary. Just like French and English.  
 9. How hard would it be to have the pupils at these schools write two articles a month ... How many Wikipedias could be started that way?

If students learn SignWriting and can use the translate feature and have a good teacher to help, this is possible. 

- Charles Butler