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September 19, 2013

Hello Susi from Berlin!

Welcome to the SignWriting List.

Thank you for the Skype interview for your BA-Thesis, and for your transcript of that interview attached. It is a lot of work to transcribe a two-hour Skype conversation!

Susi interviewed Stefan Wöhrmann in Germany, and me in the United States, on Skype. Her thesis shows a great deal of interest in SignWriting. Susi asked me why SignWriting has not spread faster? Why it isn't it better known? I feel very honored by the question, because it means that some would like it to spread faster…and that is a good thing!

So I tried to present another perspective on the same question…which is…this is the first time in history, because of the internet, that we have a chance to establish the written form for sign languages..but that in previous centuries, because of the lack of the internet, other attempts could not take hold …that is takes centuries for writing systems to usually get used and that the spreading of SignWriting has happened faster than most writing systems, if one compares it to other scripts, such as the Roman Alphabet …which took centuries…

I am sure this topic could be discussed forever…but what really is important is to just use SignWriting in your work - and the more we all use it, for a variety of reasons, the more it will spread naturally -

Thank you, again Susi, for posting your transcript -

Val ;-)


On Sep 19, 2013, at 12:49 AM, Susanne Trumpold <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hey SignWriting List - members, Hey Valerie!
For my BA-Thesis I had an interview with Valerie Sutton about the dissemniation of SignWriting by Valerie and the Centre for Sutton Movement Writing with focus on developments within the United States!
We want to share the transcript with you now ... it is attached!
Have a nice day!
Susi from next to Berlin! :)