Hi Valerie, Jonathan and friends, 


Perhaps it is good to know that every five years or so we open this can of
worms again and again ... There are some symbols for hand shapes that are
not accepted by all experienced writers in this way.

I do not understand and my brain refuses to accept  the writing in the
second line ... the right thumb  looking as if sticking out to the left is
extremely confusing to me. 


I would never use this symbol to indicate the right hand... 


Just to add a comment ... everybody is free to write as he wants to smile –
(I know) but nevertheless – 


In this case it looks as if there is a “rule”   since this graphic and photo
shows up in a “manual”  and as if people who would not follow would not know
how to do it correctly ... smile 

Perhaps there is a way to identify and mark these symbols that are still a
problemn to some of us. 



All best Stefan 





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Betreff: Finger Direction Is Meaningful


Hi Val and Adam,
    I have a question about the "Finger Direction Is Meaningful" pages in
the "SignWriting Hand Symbols" manual and the "American Sign Language Hand
Symbols" manual.

    I understand the these handshapes and positions can we written either
like the left column or the right column.  Is this only true in the case of
the top view of the back of the hand pointing forward?  I see that ALL the
examples are the top view of the back of the hand pointing forward.  Also,
would this be true of all handshapes or just the one you have listed on the
"Finger Direction Is Meaningful" pages?



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