Hi Valerie, Adam, Jonathan...


For some reason it is fun to discuss this kind of “point of view”  I know that the masters of the software are in the position to “define” the “look” of a symbol and compared to handwriting it would cause major trouble to change anything... I know that ... and I can live and work with the symbol set as it is – smile – (I do not have to use the symbols I feel not comfortable with – and that is the way I write my documents.)   On the other hand ... compared to the look of the symbols  in the “Lessons in SignWring  Textbook and Workbook – second Edition 1999 – there has been a change in the presentation of some symbols. I bet that some of these changes could be discussed ...   But since the software – programmers all over the world work with the given symbol set we would get in trouble if anyone ...well ..ok,,,,  Hi Valerie I understand your point of view that things (symbols) are now as they  are... smile.



Nevertheless – would be interesting – apart from that to have a second look at what is taken for granted ...


The inventor of a symbol might be so focused on his/her   option that other ideas, opinions, point of views might only confuse or cause trouble?


You know my enthusiasm for SW and it is not on my mind to bother anybody with comments ...but it is fun to look at spellings and writing styles in a very precice manner ;-))


So Adam:


I looked at your list of the 5 hand's heel view palm facings that relate to the 5 hand symbol. – and compared the “heel view – symbols”  to the “Top view – symbols” wich are used by me all the time ;-)


Your number 4 counting from left makes me hesitate ...same with the last one ...


Even though I understand your idea behind this I would prefer to “see” the thumb  sticking out at a place that shows without too much guessing which hand (right or left) is  chosen.



In this case I read the two lines  as this:


right  right right right left left left left


right  right right left left left left right




I have to leave but will return to our discussion as soon as I will be back.


Have a great weekend.















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Below is a list of the 5 hand's heel view palm facings that relate to the 5 hand symbol.


There are only 7 heel of hands in the current ISWA 2010. Here they are with their respected hand symbols.


I didn't go through all of the palm facings as it is the same as the list at the top. It should be noted that there are possibilities that people will write the between rotations of the heel of hand as either facings they are between, since you are looking to make searching for writings of the same sign with different symbols. ;-)


PS Val and I were talking about saying that there is the front view, the top view, and then a heel view because it isn't really only the top view or the front view but a view of its own that has a feel of both views in how they are written.