On 9/3/13 9:06 AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> September 3, 2013
> Hello Claudia and Fabrizio!
> This is fabulous news, to have a fourth computer program for 
> SignWriting that is modern and up-to-date and still being developed - 
> THANK YOU to you both for making this possible.
Yes, this is truly amazing.  I look forward to future developments. It 
appears the current editor is Flash based.  Is that right?  I had 
trouble on the mac side.  I didn't check Windows yet.

> It is good for SignWriting that it works differently than the other 
> three programs - Each program has its own style and brings a new way 
> of thinking to users. Our SignWriting community is very fortunate to 
> have choices…
Agreed.  The international community is fortunate to be able to learn 
from each other.

A point of clarification.  SWift does not use the ISWA 2010 heirarchy, 
but rather the design of the symbol glyph images.  I've browsed through 
Claudia's paper and seen the changes, additions, and reorganization to 
the structure.  She is very faithful to the ideals of Valerie's symbols 
and I really appreciate the respect for the script.  I'd love to have a 
conversion file(s) to transform between the ISWA 2010 character set and 
the SWIFT encoded set, but I am not sure if a bi-directional conversion 
is possible.  I assume they are using Cartesian Coordinates, but a human 
analog framework is implied in the design of SWift and I have not seen 
the test data.

> The four programs that use the ISWA 2010 [symbols] are:
> SignPuddle
> Delegs
> SignWriter Studio
> SWift
> Wow!
All four use the SignWriting symbols and support the script, but I do 
not believe SWift uses the same symbol encoding as the other three.  
SignPuddle, Delegs, and SignWriter Studio all have a common character 
encoding and can freely share data.

Very exciting time.