With those two features, the best bet is to use the SignMaker feature in SignPuddle to actually create the iconic signs (like imaging a frog as a "quote" hand and wriggling it all over") to describe the dog and the frog and their interaction. That way it's not a "sentence" but a "narrative storytelling". 
Charles Butler
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Clear writing moves business forward.

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Subject: Re: revisiting the book idea

I've some difficulties to describe those images in 4 sentences... in my opinion the risk is to do a "poor" SL (without highly iconics features... see Christian Cuxac works)

2013/9/5 Valerie Sutton <[log in to unmask]>
SignWriting List
September 5, 2013

Hello Everyone!
Can you help Erika's project? It is important to SignWriting because it will be published in a journal and/or book…

Erika needs one or two sentences describing these two attached illustrations - so no more than two sentences describing each picture…written in your sign language in SignWriting. You can write the sentences in this SignPuddle file if you wish:

Anthropological Book Project

Or write it wherever is best for you, and then send it to the List, or give us the link where your SignWriting is located...

Thanks for your help everyone!

Val ;-)

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