On 10/14/13 2:04 PM, Yair Rand wrote:
> Great to see the ASL Wikipedia expanding.

Agreed, Nancy and Adam have done a great job on the ASL Wikipedia 
Project on wfmlabs.  Nancy is on a roll adding articles.  We will soon 
have 40 articles ready.  This number of articles is a target that was 
set for this project.

> I'm curious, though, whether activity on the site on wmflabs will 
> qualify for the "develop an active test project" criterion necessary 
> for final approval by the WMF and creation of 
> <> ?

The wmflabs site is a proof of concept and a repository for articles.  
This site should not be evaluated directly because it is impossible to 
automatically port the articles over to the site.

Before we can submit the ASL Wikipedia for approval, we must move the 
articles over to Incubator.

> Whether or not moving over to the Incubator is strictly necessary for 
> final approval of the project, it might make sense to do so anyway at 
> this point.
I agree, as soon as Nancy finishes the 40th article.  I think we can 
start the migration from Wikimedia Labs to Incubator the beginning of 
November.  Then we can start to add new articles directly to Incubator.  
Nancy, and others, will need to learn to use Incubator, but it will be 
worth the effort and they are already familiar with the general software.

> Thanks to Steve Slevinski's gadget,

And special thanks to Yair Rand for his improvements on the gadget, we 
now have most/all of the required features.  I just installed Yair's 
latest updates on Incubator a few days ago.  Here's the list of what has 
been accomplished.
* Page Titles in sign
* Links in sign text
* No special tags
* Automatic style via CSS

Yair's update added:
* Vertical columns that flow to the right
* User interface in sign
* Tooltips in sign
* Selection highlighting

It really is amazing.  It doesn't work in every browser, but it looks 
beautiful in the supported browsers.  Both Safari and Chrome work on the 

We are doing great.  This year or the next, I believe we will have an 
official Wikipedia for American Sign Language.


PS - a live screen capture



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