On 10/2/13 11:37 AM, André L wrote:
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Many of the words I entered in sign puddle using sign studio are not displayed in the translate feature.
Only the words are displayed without sign.
However, with a seach on the same words, the sign is displayed.
Hi Andre,

The translate feature works with individual signs that were created in SignMaker.

The translate feature does not work with sign texts that were created with SignText.

Looking at the "assis" entry:

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The sign is boxed and a lower font size.  This indicates it was created with SignText.  Under the "Source", you can see the "SignText data" links.  This sign will not work in the current translate.

Here is "assistant" in the same dictionary.

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Notice that it is not boxed and a larger font size.  This indicates is was created with SignMaker.  Under the "Search.." links, you can see the "Sign data" links.  This sign will work in translate.

So that's the problem.  You say you created this with "sign studio".  Are you talking about Jonathan's SignWriter Studio?  Or did you use SignText?

The solution is to move the signs from the sign text area to individual signs.  I'm not sure the best way to do this.

How many entries are like this?

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