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October 15, 2013

Hello Yair, Steve, Gerard, Nancy, Adam and everyone -
Just to repeat and support what Steve said in his previous email….from my perspective…

This is an exciting time. So many new developments happening all at the same time, and oftentimes we don't realize how the pieces of the puzzle are going to fit together, but it is happening nonetheless… Thank you to all of you for making this possible...

Today Steve and I chatted on Skype, and Steve showed me the work you have done, Yair, to make writing sign languages possible in the Wikimedia Incubator site…Steve showed me the screen on Skype, (see attached screen capture). Steve explained to me that you have programmed it so we now have columns of vertical text. Adam worked on the Translate Wiki to get menu items translated into ASL, but if I have understood it correctly, because of your work, Yair, we now have the ASL menus…the ASL user interface... up and running…thank you for this gift...

Steve also showed me the Tooltips feature and the text highlighting feature, where we will be able to Select signs and even whole sections of sentences written in SignWriting and drag and drop the text into an email and get the source code! Is that cool or what!!?

And soon we will be able to move Nancy and Adam's articles (and Charles Butler's articles too) over to this new incubator site to get started working further -

Here is the screen capture again of how it looks at the moment and it will look more exciting each month…

Once again thank you to all of you -  Val ;-)



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